Decatur County, Georgia


Decatur County, Georigia was established in 1823, from a portion of Early County.

It is named for United States Navy Commodore Stephen Decatur, a hero of the War of 1812.

The town of Attapulgus is named for an Indian word meaning "Dogwood".

Decatur County, Georgia has a population of about 28,000.

The county seat is Bainbridge.

Schools in located in Decatur County include Bainbridge College, a two-year college of the University of Georgia.

Cities and towns in Decatur County include Attapulgus, Bainbridge, Brinson, Climax, Amsterdam, Ausmac, Bethany, Cyrene, Eldorendo, Faceville, Fowlstown, Hannatown, Hanover, Jinks, Laingkat, Lynn, Mount Pleasant, Parker Courthouse, Recovery, Vada and West Bainbridge,

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